Welcome to George and Gracie and Friends

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Dan Duncan - (George)

Dan has done community theatre throughout the metroplex for over 30 years. He is especially known for his support of Runway Theatre in Grapevine, Texas and is one of their Hall of Fame Members. Whether being an actor, director, board member, or Johnny-on-the-spot-to-get-the-job-done, Dan is there for Runway.

Dan and Patty Pell first tried out their George and Gracie vaudeville routine for a 2010 Runway Theatre Fundraiser. The theatre is their home base, and you will often find them hosting Runway’s annual Valentine Vignettes Event.

He retired from teaching in the Grapevine-Colleyville ISD in 2001 after 31 years. Dan’s involvement with George and Gracie and Friends has been both rewarding and fulfilling. "To be a part of our audiences’ lives and to be able to bring back memories to them for a short while is just so much fun!"

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Patty Pell - (Gracie)

Patty Pell is an actor/writer who has always championed audience participation in shows. In the late 1960s, Patty found herself teaching English to 8th and 9th graders who were required to memorize “standardized” word lists. Her students had no referent for assigned words like “fortuity, jocular or capricious.” That was the beginning of Patty Pell's Vocabulary Theatre - "see the word in action; remember its meaning.” The kids loved it, and the principal hated their rowdy enthusiasm. "A good class is a quiet class. School is not fun!" (This was pre-Children’s Television Workshop’s The Electric Company.) She went back to graduate school and spent the rest of her academic life teaching interpersonal communication to community college students ranging from 18 - 65. All interactive, and no one complained about rowdy enthusiasm.

Her next career move involved media sales and corporate sales training which taught her how to create programs focusing on meeting her consumers’ needs. Patty retired from the business world in 2011.

She pursued her third career in film acting and is represented by Linda McAlister Talent Agency in Texas and Angie Moncrief’s Action Talent Agency in the Southeast. Most recently she appeared in Murder Made Me Famous on Reelz TV, the Stephen King Miniseries, 11-22-63, on Hulu, and the TNT Network Series, Claws. Patty continues to study acting in Dallas with Michele Condrey of the REACT Studio and Cathryn Hartt of the Hartt and Soul Studio. She gives special thanks to her mentor, Del Shores, for his belief in her writing and acting.

In 2015, Patty used her writing, teaching and acting experience to create the interactive George and Gracie and Friends Show. With the help of Dan Duncan to play George and invent audience participation games and Becky Turner to play Maestro and provide all musical accompaniment, the three have a hit! Their entertaining for seniors, special events and private parties keeps these actors very busy, and they’re grateful for it!

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Rebekah Turner - (Maestro)

Rebekah began her career at the young age of five. Her grandmother overheard her playing Heart and Soul with one finger on the family piano. Thank you to her maternal grandparents for paying for her piano lessons for many years!

Rebekah received a BME in voice and piano from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. While there she performed in two major operas, Albert Herring by Benjamin Britten and Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck. She has also performed on many stages in the music theater arena. Her favorite roles are Mrs. Paroo and Alma Hix in The Music Man and Miss Watson in Big River. After teaching school in various districts across the state of Texas, she opened a private piano and voice studio that she operated for 25 years.

In 2006 Rebekah began an on camera career when she signed with Magna Talent in Oklahoma where she resided at the time. In 2007 after a move to Ft. Worth, Texas, she signed with Linda McAlister Talent in the DFW area. Since then these wonderful agents have afforded her access to many wonderful film, television and commercial projects. She has been in episodes of Dallas on the TNT network, Murder Made Me Famous on the Reelz Channel and the AMC hit, Better Call Saul. She has been on many sets for independent films in Oklahoma and Texas. Through the years, Rebekah has studied with wonderful on camera acting teachers. Among them, Chris Freihofer, Ken Farmer, Toni Cobb Brock, Sally Allen and Beth Sepko. Thank you to these great teachers. Rebekah is grateful to Patty Pell for including her in this wonderful production of George and Gracie and Friends. The laughter and enjoyment the audiences display is a wonderful gift to the heart. They love reliving the great moments from the past that they remember so fondly.

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Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide a creative, entertaining and interactive program that energizes
and boosts our audience's physical and cognitive health.

Show History

In 2015 Pell completed a script that was truly interactive and called for lots of audience participation. That's
why the show is called: George and Gracie and Friends. The Friends, the audience, are an integral part of the
experience. Plus they added music with Becky Davis Turner as Maestro. Starting in the summer of 2015, the three
took their show on the road to various Independent and Assisted Living Venues. Pell wrote five different scripts
all designed to be an active:

Laugh and Remember Experience!
  • George and Gracie and Friends Remember When
  • George and Gracie and Friends Christmas Show
  • George and Gracie and Friends Valentine Show
  • George and Gracie and Friends Mother's Day/Father's Day Show
  • Gracie for President

Benefits of the show include:

Heightened thought process
Lots of laughter
Feeling of recognition and belonging

Audience Comments include:

"We love George and Gracie. I plan my schedule early so call me soon to book your next show." Rhonda Hill, Activity Director at Fox Run Estates, Arlington

"You are fulfilling a need for us, and I think we are fulfilling a need for you!" Gerrie Edwards, Resident at Keller Conservatory for Seniors

"Top to bottom, you were perfect. They were with you every minute." Katherine Teicher, Director Senior Programs Jewish Community Center of Dallas

"We need shows like this!" Lillian Gips, Resident at CC Young Assisted Living, Dallas

"Thank you again for the wonderful performance. The residents had so much fun and were still talking about it at dinner. You're awesome." Jillian DeCarlo, Activity Director at Mustang Creek Estates, Keller

"You were just wonderful! Please come back!" Doris Gray, Resident at Landing at Watermere

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